RIV 0.00% $16.20 riversdale mining limited

get ready for the monster bounce imo.

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    Don't you just love hedge funds? My guess is this is one of those gun totting hedge funds that have blown themselves to bits in some punt they got wrong some where else. Riversdale has been one of the biggest asx300 performers for the last year with a massive multibagger return. When funds get into trouble or markets change sentiment, they sell the best stocks to make up for the c r a p they owned.
    I am personally trying to determine where to re enter the stock. I get the feeling its getting very close. We have witnessed this sort of folly before when they sold it down [or maybe shorted it] only to see it rebound strongly.[up 20% in 1 day last time].The latest qrt report has zero bearing on the stock price. people dont buy riversdale for the SA assets. this is for the TATTA steel and 10-20billion tonne coal resource. If you read that koyto report stuff, coal companies that will get the stronger for longer outcomes will be based off shore like riversdale.
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