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    Hi all
    Sorry Clarky couldn’t resist the thread name
    Reading back through announcements and also thinking about my phone call with Paul de Chazal and him saying that the market has total missed the fact that they now have 4 off shore permits and that Conrad was deciding which ones are worth pursuing. Conrad should be all done with hes evaluations within 30 days but could be longer or it could be a lot shorter time frame
    Couple of my major concerns where
    1. Can the $100 mil be used to fund these new projects if required, hes response was that they had the bankers where at the table when the deal was being worked out so yes they can/do have access to funding for this project
    2. If Conrad comes back with yes to 1 or all the permits what sort of time frame are we looking at before we start producing a product, hes response was that there is already considerable infrastructure in place in all the blocks but wouldn’t give a time frame,
    So all in all I think today was a sensitive market reacting to news that may have not been delivered very well but never the less good news. He did confirm that there will be a announcement out tomorrow at some point relating to wildcat drilling hole so that should be very interesting. He also ensured me that everything will come together by the end of March and CVI will have a much clearer picture (that will be nice) he also laughed and said when you are sitting in the middle of it its as clear as day, which made me laugh.
    Anyway best of luck for tomorrow guys lets hope for a much bigger day on the SP

    Cheers ciggys
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