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Get ready for a 20% move

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    Now that the US of A media are having a go at President Bush re 911 terorists warnings the feel good feeling will eventually evaporate and confidence would collapse.

    If this were to be the case it would be a long sweaty summer for the stock markets.

    Movement this year has been kept in a tight range and I am looking for a 20% movemnet in the stock market from current levels.

    Eventual resting places would be close proximity of 4,000 or 2000.

    If I were a betting man I would bet that the direction would be down rather than up.


    PS for all you charting boys and girls have a look at the humungus Head and Shoulder the SP500 index has formed over the last decade.

    USA of 2000s= JAPAN of 1990s ??? only time will tell!

    After all how does one expect gold to hit new all time highs.
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