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    There will be war -if you can call it that - Hussien will just send a few hundred thousand young Iraqi men to certain death just to rattle his sabre -he loves his own people so much !! more an attempt by the USA to try and neutralise organised terrorism and remove another criminal who subjugates his people -but not let's get into that argument as noone really knows where all this will end. I just figure that from Iraq it will be Iran, Somalia, Pakistan -Mindanao,the USA will hunt in every corner of the globe to try and eradicate the forces of evil and try to dismantle bases from which they can be attacked. At the end of the day long after we are all pushing up daisies we will be no closer to resolving the Muslims view of us Infidels.

    Now as for gold imho it is now only partially affected by wars, oil prices and currency movements. The fact is that no new mines are being found -exploration is but a fraction of what it was and what is required and the supply/ demand equation is what will drive the POG. If you add to that the removal of gaurantees on Japanese bank savings -the opening of the Chinese gold market, hugely increasing populations in countries where everyone has a gold adornment and gradual reductions in the central bank holdings, the future for gold is rosy -even more so when JPM crashes and burns in the next few months-the real culprit in manipulating the POG. And you can add an unsustainable debt situation in the USA -half their banks are broke with loans to Sth America - plus the effect of inflated property prices propped up by share values that no longer exist -as correctly alluded to by another poster and the parlous state of Japanese banks being propped up with taxpayers money.

    Then add the other riders such as closing of Porgera -possible closing of the bigggest gold mine in the world at Ertsberg(West Papua) if violence continues - black empowerment in SA -watch their production drop over the years !! And increasing use of gold for industrial uses -contrary to popular opinion it is not just a useless adornent -about 750 tonnes per annum I think. Go Gold.
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