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Get out of Oil NOW!!

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    The bottom will drop off the oil market very soon. Unspecific though my time frame is and in order to put it in context I will say 3 months. It is likely to be even shorter.

    The great bogey driven madness that is the George bush Saddam Hussein dichotomy has run out of steam. The inspection will be frustrated by both the US and Russia who have enromous mileage to gain from the oil price flutuations especially if it is upward. The old Soviet states still pay them tithes for defence cooperation and Russia still has an enormous degree of equity in the fields of Baku and central Asia.

    The wheels have come off the Iraq war theme. Take your profits whilst you can. There may still be some room for upward gyrations but mark my words it will fall. And not gradually at that either.

    Iraq has a fall back plan with its oil and the Saudis are in great terms with them albeit behind closed doors. Libya and Algeria have been dumping aggressively and conveniently the exercise has not been noticed.

    Libya is ambracing the world like never before and the world reciprocating like never before either. Theres more than oil in them tahr hills if the truth be known.

    The bottom is also about to drop off our 'miracle economy'. The trigger will be the sudden fall in world oil prices and the easing of tensions with Irak when the so called irrefutable evidence against the regime and the 'hidden nuclear' agenda will be exopsed for what it is. "Shrill Bellicose Rhetoric to distract us from a badly damaged economy and an economic crises'.

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