Get a look at the list on the rig

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    Get a look at the list on the rig.

    Schlumberger denies deaths with sinking of AD-19 rig

    (10/14/2002 - Oil &Gas International: Houston) Schlumberger said today that there were no fatalities associated with the collapse and sinking in the Persian Gulf of the Sedneth 202/Arabdrill 19 jackup and the production platform it fell on two weeks ago, as reported earlier. Schlumberger is a 49% partner in the Arab Drilling Consortium with Petromin (51%), the owner of the Arabdrill 19 rig (AD-19).
    According to sources in Al-Khobar and confirmed by Schlumberger's Middle East Office there, the AD-19 was being operated by Saudi Aramco in conducting workover drilling just north of the Khafji Field on the Hout Field in the Neutral Zone between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia when the accident occurred. The water depth was 94 ft.
    According to sources, one of the legs of the jackup slipped when the AD-19 was approaching the H-24 production platform, causing the rig to topple over onto the platform and sinking along with the platform. The crew suffered minor injuries but, Schlumberger said, no one was killed. Saudi Aramco has yet to comment on the incident.

    The Sedneth 202/Arabdrill 19 sinking after collapsing.
    There has been no word as yet on the amount of oil spilled from the producing wells when the accident happened.

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