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Get a (free) electric DUCATI Scooter (maths exercise)

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    Hi, doing some maths this morning and I realized this...
    Note: I am not a financial advisor, I am just playing with numbers
    1. Find $10.000 in your pocket (or $5.260 ($4.760 from step 2 + $500 from Step 3 if you consider step 6 will be completed before step 4 - risky scenario )
    2. Buy $4.760 ($4.745.05 considering 14.95 of transaction fees) of real VMT shares. In this case, buy 91,250.96 VMT shares at yesterday's price of $0.052
    3. Order a CUX SE Ducati ($500 deposit, from a total of $5.240 ) https://supersoco.com.au/order-online/?model-pid=641
    4. Pay for the remaining fee of $4.240. I am unsure of delivery time... if this is more than 'x' days and step 6 is accomplished at that stage, you do not need the $4.240 ($4.740-$500 deposit, already paid in step 3) in your pocket, assuming share price will be more than $0.109604 in less than 'x 'days and you will sell them to pay the remaining fee for the scooter.
    5. Wait for the sales to skyrocket...in no time the share price should be around $0.109604 (Note: I am not a financial advisor, I am just playing with numbers)
    6. Sell your 91,250.96 shares at $0.109604 (assuming 14.95 AUD transaction fees). This means the share price needs to be up 210.74% - or duplicate the actual sale price.... based in sales increment here in Australia). (Note: I am not a financial advisor, I am just playing with numbers)
    7. Or forget step 6 until you try the scooter and realize that you have the freedom to move, avoid public transport (reducing COVID infection risk), go to the beach anytime, do not pay for parking in most of the places, park -almost- anywhere AND therefore, you will want to keep the shares because you trust the company, the product, and the whole concept
    8. Remember to buy bread and coke all the time... you do not need to be near a petrol station again!
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