germany faulters

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    44 trillion dollar question now sits with what they can do to save the euro.. No growth means life jackets have been mis -counted on the mother ship(GERMANY).. Now talk of EURO
    This seems to be an almighty problem that will drag all euro countries into a black hole..
    Is it possible that a so called stagnation can flip on its back and become a full blown depression????
    Market has now discounted a POSSIBLE default in euro..but it has not discounted an actual default or negative growth in euro land or the unthinkable the U.S..
    The word "NEGATIVE" growth in my opinion will hammer the markets into the abyss...and i cannot see any positive news that will prevent this from happening in my humble opinion..

    To conclude the euro has choked the smaller countries .and now it has hit mother land...not long before we see a default..the hunter has now become the hunted...
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