Germany could defy EU plan to ban petrol cars by 2035, page-16

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    A senior member of the German Government has suggested the country will not sign onto a proposed law by the European Union to de facto ban brand-new petrol and diesel cars from 2035 unless provisions are made for synthetic fuel-powered cars.

    German authorities had previously requested an exemption to the laws for engines powered by synthetic fuels. These so-called ‘eFuels’ would capture CO2 and recycle it into petrol, diesel, and jet fuel, without adding any more CO2 into the atmosphere as is the case with oil-derived fuels.

    Two of the country’s largest carmakers see eFuels as part of the industry’s future. BMW Group announced in June 2020 it was investing $USD12.5 million ($AUD18M) in a start-up which had created a way of creating synthetic fuels using solar power.

    This e fuel will fill a niche for 'classic cars' and a few new ICE cars.

    Everything else will be electric

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