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    This is a "Mix".

    I know This Project a little.
    We have discussed it a bit some Years ago,, and I was also, long Time, Allana Potash Shareholder.
    Seeeeems They try going Public in the Future.
    But this shouldn't be an easy Venture, as Potash Markets are hard, and This is a Giant Resource.

    "Resource Potentials"

    4,900,000,000 billion tonnes @18,1% KClALREADY delinated,Additional non-compliant Resources7 – 9,000,000,000 billion tonnes, overallresource size/"Potential" estimated at12 to 14,000,000,000 billion tonnes of potash-bearing salt beds, "One of the world’s largest, undeveloped, potash resources": 2018)
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