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Georgia DOT assessment

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    We have all been subjected to the misleading views of a couple of Stalkers of EDE.
    We have been flooded with claims of what ATSM tests mean and don't mean, claims that the test results of the Marta confirming the benefits of even a reduced level of Edencrete admixtures weren't nicely presented, claims that EDE results were "suspicious", and were "dodgy" etc etc etc -> ad nauseum!

    But the bottom line is this.

    The Georgian DOT and Georgian Govt think Edencrete is the ants-pants!

    Who ya gunna take notice of?
    When we need to determine the viability of the Edencrete product for use in roadways, freeways, bridges etc, do we listen to :
    The anonymous Stalkers lurking on HC --- or ---
    The Georgian Dept of Transport !!??

    lets Cut the crap, and move to the facts regarding the veracity of the testing of the Edencrete product.

    This from EDE announcement 1 Oct 2015.

    "The independent laboratory that conducted the tests is a GDOT-approved laboratory in Augusta, Georgia.

    "Further, also as previously advised, concurrent tests are also being undertaken by GDOT, using test cylinders, cast by the independent laboratory.
    After normalizing the EdenCreteTM strength data for the varied air content of the control mixture, the 28 day compressive strength measured by the GDOT laboratory shows EdenCreteTM to have exceeded the compressive strength of the control mixture by 16.2%.
    The earlier compressive strength results obtained by the GDOT laboratory showed an improvement of EdenCreteTM of 40.5% at 24 hours, 25.1% at 3 days, and 26.3% at 7 days, compared with the strengths measured by the independent laboratory which showed increased compressive strengths of 32.8% at 24-hour, and increases of 32.5% at 3 days and 37.1% at 7 days.
    Whilst the improvement in compressive strength of the EdenCreteTM sample in the last three GDOT laboratory results ..........."

    The point is, that here is the evidence we all read about ages ago, which states categorically that GDOT has conducted its own test procedures, in GDOT approved laboratories to establish the veracity of the Edencrete product.
    THAT is why GDOT is now preparing Specs to enable Edencrete to be used in Class B concrete, is now preparing for a trial of Class A concrete, and the Georgian Govt has provided incentives of US$24m to EDE.

    So some posters follow the adage of "tell a lie often enough, for long enough and loud enough - then people will believe it".
    And imho, that is why we are constantly deluged with the misleading posts.

    They can go on and on and on trying to mislead, but the bottom line is the Georgian DOT and Govt has verified Edencrete for use in Class B applications, with testing for Class A to come.
    That is simply the fact - and that is the beginning of the growth path of EDE, and our investment.
    I am ignoring the deceptive posts of the Stalkers.

    have a re-read of this:
    Georgia Infrastructure Market
    In addition to thousands of miles of concrete roads and highways, Georgia has in excess of 15,000 concrete bridges (ranging from small to large), a recent audit of which indicated that over 4,000 were not suitable for repair and need to be replaced over the next 20 years, at an estimated annual cost in excess of $300 million per year.

    If this process in Georgia results in an approval by GDOT of the use of EdenCreteTM in concrete for its infrastructure is obtained, it is considered likely to accelerate the process of obtaining similar approvals by the Departments of Transport in other US states, with Eden’s longer term objective being the opening up of the national infrastructure market.

    These on-going developments with the I-20 test results represent further encouraging progress towards Eden eventually achieving its longer-term goal of broad penetration of EdenCreteTM into the huge US infrastructure market. "

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