george, you can never be my president

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    No, it’s not what you think, George. It’s not that you managed to win this time around. No, it’s not that at all. It’s not about sour grapes, George, and it’s not about anger. You just can’t be my President, George. No way.

    Good speech writers, George – all that stuff about being a President for all the people- and those heartfelt appeals for togetherness. Nice touch. But, you just can’t be my President, George, I’m sorry, but that’s the way it is.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about your failed policies, I could survive them. It’s not about your arrogance or your inability to see the error of your ways. I could deal with that for another four years. It’s not even about your right wing ideology or your faith driven narrow mindedness. Heck, we’re a pluralistic society, and we can agree to disagree. It’s not that at all.

    It’s not even about the lies. Politicians lie, and some of them even manage to lie about really important things. I could hope you’d mend your ways and tell the truth from now on. So, it’s not about the lies. Much as I abhor a liar, that’s not it. It really isn’t.

    It’s not about your medieval attitude toward stem cell research, George, or a woman’s right to choose. It’s not about your archaic views about gay marriage or your dangerous disdain for the environment. It’s not even that. It’s not even about your being in bed with the NRA or the pharmaceutical companies. You’re not the first, and you won’t be the last to do that. No, George, that’s not why you won’t pass muster. It really isn’t.

    So what is it, then? Do you really want to know? Do you really care why you cannot, - I repeat – cannot be my president, - not now and not ever? Do you really want to understand why I openly and defiantly refuse to accept you as my President? Do you, really, George? No, you don’t. But I’ll tell you anyway:


    I can give you some details, if you’re at all interested. I’ll list only a few of the more serious transgressions of your first term. Then, perhaps, you’ll understand why you cannot be my President for a second one.

    Oh, by the way, going into the election, most Americans had very little, if any, information about many of your actions as their President. The corporate media in this country acted as your mouthpiece, you know that. The corporate media protected you every inch of the way and told the American public only what you wanted them to know. They promoted your fear and terror campaign with great fanfare and drama. They supported your deceptions and your fabrications, and turned a blind eye to your incompetence. The corporate media, most notably the bogus TV news networks, became your lapdogs, and in the end, the people had no clue.

    But I did, as did many millions of informed Americans. I knew what you did, and I knew what you didn’t do, and what you were incapable of doing. It is so clear that you abused the power of the Presidency, and you used your position to dismantle the legacy of leadership that came with the job. That’s precisely why I claim the moral imperative to say that you cannot be my President, George. No way.

    In explanation, in case you still don’t understand, and for the record, - here’s a short list of your unpardonable offenses:

    You committed a clearly impeachable act by manipulating and distorting intelligence information to further your preconceived plans for war.
    You exploited the nation’s anguish on 9/11 to justify a war you had planned long before that date.
    You spent more than a year trying to prevent an independent inquiry into the causes of the attacks on 9/11.
    You withheld and falsely classified information that would allow the American people access to vital information about the attacks of 9/11.
    You sent the Sec. of State to the United Nations with fabricated evidence to support your false claim that war against Iraq was urgent.
    By invading and occupying Iraq, you violated the United Nations Charter, to which the United States is a signatory.
    You waged an illegal and immoral war against a non belligerent nation, killing 100,000 of its civilians, and maiming thousands more.
    You sent American and coalition military men and women into harm’s way without adequate war plans, without adequate armor and equipment, without adequate plans for the occupation, and without an exit strategy.
    Your unnecessary war of choice in Iraq has resulted in the deaths of nearly 1200 soldiers and in serious injury to thousands more.
    You knowingly violated the Geneva Convention by allowing torture and abuse at prisons in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay.
    You unlawfully detained prisoners taken in the war against Afghanistan without charges or legal counsel at Guantanamo Bay.
    You unlawfully detained thousands of people in the US without charges or access to legal counsel under the Patriot Act, – and have not convicted a single one of any crime.
    You arranged for personal benefactors and friends to earn huge profits from your war.
    You ignored and refused to investigate the outing of a CIA agent, whose husband had exposed your fabrication for war.
    Your invasion of Iraq has led to unending chaos and violence within the country and endangers the stabilization of the entire Middle East.
    Your war has significantly increased membership in worldwide terrorist groups, making our country and the world far more unsafe.
    You made our country the most feared and reviled in the world, and our President the most hated in history.
    I could go on, but I think these will do, George. Do you understand, now? Can you see why I cannot, under any circumstances, allow you to be my President?

    You see, before you took office last time, George, the Presidency of the United States of America was the most respected and most honored office in the entire world. The President of this country was looked up to as the leader of the free world. He was cheered and welcomed and respected all over the world, George, all over the world, Think about that.

    You changed all that, George. You are not respected anywhere in the world. You’re feared and distrusted by our most valued allies. You can’t go anywhere in the entire world without huge crowds coming to protest your visit….nowhere, George, not even London. Imagine. But it gets worse. Before this election, they only hated you. Now, the entire world believes that Americans all support your election. Now they hate us, too. Think about that, too.

    That’s about it, George. I hope you understand. It’s not about your politics or your ideas. It’s not about your right wing bent, or your refusal to analyze and examine the complexities of the world. It’s what you did to tear down the fabric of American leadership, George. It’s what you did to the idea of America and it’s about what you did to the Presidency itself. Trust, me George, I can’t just look the other way. You did far too much damage in your first four years, far, far too much.

    So, as you approach your second inaugural, George, count me out. I want no part of it, or you. I’ll be stateless in my heart for the next four years rather than have anyone think that I approve of your Presidency. I’ll have no President at all rather than have anyone think for even a moment that I can forget what you’ve done, or that I don’t fear what you will do now. I’m sure it won’t put a damper on your celebrations in January, George. I’m sure you’ll go right on doing what you’ve done this far. But you’ll do it with one less American in your care. I just cannot allow you to be my President, George Bush. No way, - none at all.

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