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    Two years ago I was at a funeral in a Catholic Church and said to a relative, 'That picture of a priest holding a 10 year old's hand is suggestive and should come down.'
    He thought I was an idiot!
    Yes. I know the statue. It is that of St John of God.
    The St John of God soc iety has had a very % of itsd members convicted of child sexual abuse.
    But from my reading of history this can lead to some very unfortunate reflections on the possibilities of the past.
    The fact is...................

    St John of God Health Care is Australia's third largest private hospital operator, with 23 hospitals and facilities comprising more than 3,000 beds. The group operates in Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, and New Zealand. It is Australia's largest Catholic not-for-profit private hospital group. Wikipedia

    And at the moment there are very few if any brothers in these hospitals. The brothers sowed the seeds and we now see the flowering of their work

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