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geological modelling

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    geological modelling

    to become an effective miner within the Lachlan fold belt requires a good geological model

    the model I have developed in conjunction with the assistance of Eoin Macdonald is highly workable whereas the geological model promoted and adopted at Bendigo has proven to be unworkable to the tune of about $100m writeoff

    you will find that Bendigo will inevitably adopt the model I have been promoting

    I am not saying the model I have adopted is the utimate but it's highly workable

    I am open to reconsidering the model if some person can come up with something better

    the "old timers" in the quartz mining industry are supportive of my model but do not "go public" about it but merely comment favourably

    I am certain that most of the Lachlan quartz miners are using my model and I see this not by speaking with them but by observing their mining methodology

    From my point of view any investor prepared to understand, support and invest in this Lachlan fold belt geological model stands to gain considerably in the future if prepared to wait until the model is confirmed by any one of these Lachlan operations beginning to produce at about 5000 ounces per month.

    Realize that Lachlan fold belt quartz mining has been in the dark ages for about 60 years and that all this modern activity is somewhat of a revolution in Australian mining extraction and processing methodology
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