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geo report : exploration potential

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    NSL on 29/2/08 announced that they would be receiving a geologist report within 2 weeks.

    "NSL has appointed an independent reputable consulting firm of geologists(Consulting Geologist) to conduct an initial review of the Project and, in particular, form a view on the exploration potential of the Project.
    On the weekend beginning 16 February 2008, a representative of the Consulting Geologist made a site visit to the Project and NSL is expecting a report from the
    Consulting Geologist in respect of the review within the next two weeks."

    Well, that's 10 days from tomorrow! Not long now ... :)

    Most of us saw what happened to FDL, a trading halt, followed by the 22/11/07 announcement :


    It is still interesting to note that even in that announcement, after the SP sky rocketed, it stated :

    "The total exploration target is estimated at between 325 and 390 million tonnes. It is emphasised that, although
    based on the best available local experience, this exploration target is conceptual in nature and there has
    been insufficient exploration carried out to estimate a Mineral Resource."

    What FDL and NSL have in common is the initial large potential source of Fe.

    On receipt of the geo report, one can only hope that it will be treated as price sensitive information.

    Disclosure of Relevant Information to the Market :
    “Price sensitive information” is defined as any information that a reasonable person would assume would have a material effect on the company’s share price. Any information that is price sensitive must be disclosed to the ASX immediately it becomes known as required by the Corporations Act and the ASX Listing Rules.

    With any luck, we may see a trading halt around the 13th / 14th March 2008.

    Just rambling, and wishful thinking ... but you never know ... :)

    Good luck to all holders :D

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