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HI all AJXersMy slant on things - at this time. (see below for...

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    HI all AJXers

    My slant on things - at this time. (see below for references)

    Pine Belt:-
    I will be much more confident with the whole processes when -we get past the US of A Military tests. I have some shares in another Coy that deals with US of A Govt and Semi Govt depts ,,, and boy oh boy are they slow... One could say 'Sloth like'. Or are they -with that Coy -delaying for some other reason !!!! I was once a great believer in the effectiveness of US of A business ... now a little less !!

    Also I will be more confident when the Development Agreement changes into a Suppy Agreement and then and only then - a full blown Contract or the like. Unless the Supply Agreement is like an enforceable Contract (Note I have no idea how the paper work works here in US of A ) I know that country is the king of legal challenges. one must not sneeze ????

    Also will sleep much better when the chiefs of AJX and ICL get together and put pen to paper in the form of a legally binding 'Contract' or what ever our and ICL's legal teams come up with.. Of course subject to very favourable terms for AJX --- Yes Yes f course?

    Please note carefully the following ( apart from the AJX anns and extracts from any anns.) are not meant to be legally written info.. they are just briefs - guides etc and may not be 100% correct . You must do your own research.....on these items.

    However in taking either of the above into consideration I believe the anns. by AJX of the EPA approval granting AJX use of AlexiflamNF(Regis)
    is paramount and possibly the main catalyst in bringing all together.
    see AJX Anns EPA :-

    In my research and it's limited, I have not come up with any other Copy that seems to meet the benefits of and the safety of the AJX products.. In fact I am very surprised why AJX is not 'advertising' this fact more.. Or is it that Dr Brookins is -steady as she goes- as in the 'cornerstone' plans.
    Would love to see the following in anns in the next few months --- (now this is'Phantom dream time stuff' !!!)
    (note these are DREAMS-- in no way factual)
    - All tests on military clothing passed....... Contracts signed between PB and AJX ----- for $$$ up front payment and $$$ pa based on ????
    - Contracts signed between ICL and AJX -----for $$$ on signing and $$$ pa based on ???
    = EBITAD is now OK by ????
    = Sales of product to bedding and the like up ..?.% on last year and rising
    = Tests on building cladding proven very successful and now working on processes for application without removing the cladding ???
    = Standard clothing manufacturers approaching AJX and ICL for tests.

    = Declined a possible T/O at this time... Yeah ... Nah ? Would ICL or Pine Belt let others in on this????

    I believe AJX is now in a supreme situation to develop - and quite quickly into a well known, reliable and very profitable Coy .
    Would be very interested to know what. US of A speculative investors think of AJX -- Wonder are there any Investment Magazines that cover these types of Coys.

    Also our new Chair versed International Corporations (AJX ann 29-3-19)

    Some information n Rosheen Garnon https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/people/person.asp?personId=581744510&privcapId=82339724

    Happy to be pulled to pieces on my comments but hopefully if one does then come back with some constructive ones.

    Keep safe all and remember Do Your Own Research and All In MY Humble Opinion and dreams ---

    The Phantom GWW

    ps why the SP is in doldrums --- EOY financial juggling !!!!
    AJX Ann. 26-3-18 With Pine Belt:-https://hotcopper.com.au/threads/4686747/
    Briefly what is a Development Agreement (D.A.) :-
    A D.A is a contract- voluntary -between a local jurisdiction- a person who owns or controls property within the jurisdiction, detailing the obligations of both parties and specifying the standards and conditions that will govern development of the property

    Briefly what is a Supply Agreement(S.A.):-
    S.A.. is a document setting out the relationship between a supplier (S)_ and a purchaser (P) It is a crucial agreement that covers the rights and responsibilities of both S and P . A properly drafted agreement can/could provide assurance as well as monetary savings for the parties. Alternatively, an ill-defined Supply Agreement may result in court proceedings, as well as a loss of reputation for both parties

    AJX ann With ICL 4-4-19 :- https://hotcopper.com.au/threads/4698187/

    The MOU establishes a framework for the potential commercialisation of Alexiflam NF with ICL, including:• Alexium retaining rights to sell Alexiflam NF into defined markets currently under development by Alexium.• ICL being granted sole global marketing and sales rights for the Alexium NF product, the terms of which are subject to thefinal agreement.• Both parties collaborating to assess the costs and address the practical details involved with the volume production ofAlexiflam NF.

    Briefly what is a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) :-
    A (MOU) falls somewhere between a written contract and a handshake deal. It is a preliminary written agreement, outlining the framework or key terms that will/may/possibly later be included in a formal contract. A MOU is a useful tool. Why?--- because it helps ensure all parties are on the same understanding/page. Generally speaking, the document is not legally binding. However, if its content resembles that of a contract, it may be legally binding and therefore enforceable. Who knows what that is ????
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