General Milley .... Xi's stooge

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    By releasing Covid to the world the CCP began the first phase of its war against the West. It needs stooges in the West.

    Headline in todays SMH
    Top US general ‘feared Trump might spark war so made secret calls to China’

    Then-US president Donald Trump with Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2019.

    General Mark A Milley called his Chinese counterpart before the 2020 election and after the January 6 siege in a bid to avert armed conflict, according to a new book.

    So we now have a clear explanation why Milley is gutting the US military and making it non functional.

    Coincidently we have a prostrate Biden doing China's bidding by demanding that India, Japan and Aus destroy their industrial power by de- electrifying via the climate hoax.

    2 stooges exposed in 2 days.

    "According to Psaki, tackling the climate crisis will also be among the issues to be discussed by the leaders."

    India, Japan Aus and 1 or 2 African nations need to form a Polygon alliance to counter the Biden-Xi-Malley alliance.

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