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general meeting called on 27th march

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    Amazing that he is even using this opportunity to sought the ratification of the previous share issues at 13c, so that we can "refresh" his capacity to raise even more money going fwd.

    Why don't we just sell out of GER and use that to establish our CSG reserves for Don Juan and Paradise Down? By the time the world gets around to giving a darn about geothermal play, we should have enough money from our CSG to buy the whole of GER back at a discount to market price :o)

    But in terms of the voting, it's not what I had expected - where's the resolution to select ODN? What the form does allow us to select is to vote AGAINST the election of Eddie's Entourage, and at the same time, vote FOR the removal of all current directors.

    PS. Please do make the effort and vote - given the state of affairs, your voice does matter. otherwise, you would simply default your proxy to the chairman, who would vote to keep the current board even if that's not your stance.

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