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General meeting and Voting intentions

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    Well well well here we are. AGAIN!!
    Yet again when it comes to issuing documents in relation to taking our money they are faster than the speed of light.
    Yet again this comes with no real explanation except the fact that they want to have carte Blanche to issue shares to pay for something and performance shares for what at this stage is atrocious performance.
    Yet again I urge all of you to vote as your vote DOES matter with only 40% of shares in sophs hands we really can send a strong message of our displeasure.
    Based on past performance I strongly doubt we will see any news to justify this CR and that the news that System09 was talking about has already arrived and done nothing for the Sp.
    If there has rarely been a time when retails have voted down resolutions then let's make this another one of those rare times!
    Vote NO!
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