General:I should have become a FBI Agent.

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    Funny to watch the News last night ,this White House Spokesperson claimed that a attacks using passenger planes could not have been anticipated.
    When we were in grade 7 a nuclear powerstation as well as a final storage place for the useless radioactiv material was to be build near my home town in Germany.
    For weeks,then months and now years the dicussion for or against the proposal raged in the schoolyards,the market square and all neiborhoods.We even had the then energy minister sent down their "educators" to quell the unrest.
    Since we,in our naivity,couldnt possibly argue sensibly over german nuclear energy politics,we always had the last word,no matter what.First we would asked :"What would happen if a plane crashes into the station?"Only to be told that the mathematical chance of that happening would be almost zero.Than we would ask:"What happens if someone fly's a plane into it?"
    That would be the end of that discussion and we 'd be declared the loosers since we had ,as kids,no idea how such things really work.Mind you ,this came at a time when Germany had it's own problem with intenal terrorists,namely the Baader-Meinhoff group or the RAF,the Red Army Fraction.
    To hear a White House Spokesperson say that the whole security apparatus couldnt anticipate such thing really gets up my nose in a big way,maybe they should consult a few 15 year old's.That was me 20 odd years ago.
    Luegende Schweine!!
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