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    Enlighten me then... other than R&D of sodium ion batteries, direct me, where are these battery manufacturer buildings exactly for mass production? Since I know for a fact you wouldn't be able to name even just one facility, please remind me again how long does it take to build one? And when do you project mass scale production of such breakthrough technology?

    I can tell you, the big manufacturers spitting out batteries at scale right now are not producing sodium ion, they are producing LFPs amongst other lithium-dominant type of batteries AND expanding their operations, whether both by bigger factories AND new locations. Can you count how many lithium battery factories currently producing at scale and also currently being built, each a billion dollars worth all across Europe and North America? I've lost count... yet I can't seem to find one single sodium ion battery factory that can produce at mass scale.

    Go figure.

    PS. Yes, CATL. BMW get their batteries from CATL and EVE. BMW and CATL has a JV for R&D on solid state. CATL and EVE's Debrecen greenfield factories currently being built are just across from BMW's greenfield currently being built giga factory in Debrecen also. Chinese battery manufacturers are 5yrs ahead of everyone else to catch up, it's been 2yrs so my guess is still 3yrs ahead. So anything to do with batteries predominantly will involved CATL, EVE, BYD, Ganfeng, Tianqi... and some other smaller companies. Korean and Japanese companies are up there too, like Samsung. They are here in Mexico as well building ridiculously huge facilities- all of them, as more and more unable to export from China-mainland production due to tariffs and taxes and cost becoming uncompetitive in Europe and North America- so those home-grown Chinese production will target elsewhere eg. Oceania, ASEAN, Africa and South America.

    Northvolt? Don't make me laugh. They are 10yrs behind and looking to leapfrog everyone hence this grandiose announcement they have new tech that can compete against the LIGHTEST material in the world (take note battery weight IS crucially important) called lithium. Why? They want funding for their R&D. Unfortunately for them, sodium ion is not the future - solid state is... and that needs more lithium not less.

    Please speak with CATL or some other battery manufacturers instead of relying on Google search and "news" before spreading hype, simply because you have this grudge against EUR for some reason and have had this grudge since longer than I've started posting here in June 2022.

    The new supply chains being built don't lie. Too much money's already committed- $Trillions. On lithium. Yet here you are trying to convince me sodium ion is the future? Come back in 20yrs.

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