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    Looks like THC are making headway, ticking all the boxes. Wonder how we are looking in comparison and whether we are worth as much to investors. They are on the up with the Ann they had this morning. We would be worth at least half of what these guys are currently at 50c. Taking into account their current ledger (profits), customer base, links with honey production etc.

    I think once we are FINALLY back on the ASX with great Anns will come some great momentum. May take a bit to get there but when you look also at CPH there is some hope we are up there with these guys with our licenses etc. They were over a dollar at one stage before takeover.

    We have been lost marketing wise being tied up in all the red tape. Hopefully we can make headway and have the stamina needed to get ahead of the race. Currently we are nowhere to be seen. All dates are kept we can move on in the best positive way possible for Q3/Q4.

    Potentially there has been a lot of things happening that they could not disclose yet, that will take us globally with the current movers and shakers in the market.

    Dont mean to cross promote but need to bring attention some comparisons here with the competition. Sometimes you have to be compared to show where things should be.


    Best of luck to all....

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