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    Morgan Stanley have been negative towards lithium all along. Be interesting where their investments lie, IMO listening to bias analysis will only cost you $

    Ev shift - cars, bikes, busses, talks of boats and aeroplanes

    Home storage, electronic devices, tools, for god sakes the electronic boards in the vending machines I repair have a lithium ion timekeeper in them.

    This shift is only in its infancy, countries are limiting ICE car production China 2025, Germany throwing around the idea of banning ICE engines in the future, just to list a handful.

    Think how much backing a movement like this will have from government, the greenies, environmental conservationists. The entire globe is beggining to wake up to the ever increasing environmental risks being created by carbon emissions and the likes.

    Along with the EV push we also have wind farms and solar systems, the thought of households generating electricity and taking the load off coal plants and the likes is a good movement.

    As I have said IMO this is only just beggining to gain traction, don’t be blinded by the short term haze. So many car manufacturers are racing to lock in supply, ask yourself do you think they don’t do their own research.

    GLTAH short term pain for a long term gain

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