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    TP, Great post.

    My two cents.

    I think it is healthy to have a devil’s advocate or a little scepticism on these threads. This is a stock forum so I think that contrary views should be welcome. Although I certainly do not welcome toxicity or baseless downramping.

    From my perspective, PWN is certainly well within my own expectations for 2020. I realise that I may now be sounding like a broken record in justifying what appears to be a lack of progress from PWN on client uptake on covid-19. But the deterioration in the international business development landscape in the last 9 months has been unprecedented. Work from home, ban on international travel and other lockdown initiatives have all taken their toll on the authorisation and acceptance process of new projects/capital expenditure in the mining and chemical industries.

    The lack of any formal communication from Worley in respect to the PWN technology collaboration is not in the slightest bit concerning to me. From my experience, I can safely generalise and say that this is quite normal business practice for an early stage collaboration. I think if there were any issues with the technology I am pretty sure that Worley would extricate itself from the agreement pretty rapidly. Prior to signing the collaboration Worley would have needed to satisfy their own due diligence requirements, the technical/operational thresholds are set high and are generally peer reviewed prior to sign-off. They place a high value on their operational ethics and branding, and would certainly go to some lengths to protect this. Collaboration agreements are not signed lightly, procedurally they require a similar internal process and sign-off as an acquisition. Without trying to sound like stalker, a look at the linkedin posts / connections / likes of Bahay shows a solid relationship with Worley senior management.

    Like yourself I am a little disappointed that PWN has not elaborated further on the 25 Aug announcement (share price was 0.7-0.8 cents) in respect to the evaluation of our processing of mining waster stream from an established European mine. Maybe a question for the AGM.

    Beer sounds good but if the shares are at 10c I think the top shelf will be in order at Black Tom’s. Merry Christmas and hope we all have a prosperous and safe New Year.

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