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    G'day Mer,

    Appreciate your note.

    Yes, I am spent a few hours on the phone via Teams to Bahay and I have a fair appreciation for what they are doing and how they are going about it given that I work in the industry and understand the process Worley and their clients go through to approve projects and studies.

    I doubt you'll ever here word until something is announced by Parkway because of the Non Disclosure Agreements. As you can appreciate, we are dealing the mining industry and power industry and the CSG industry dirty laundry and they don't exactly want PWN announcing that we've just a deal to clean up so and so's crappy tailings environmental problem. They may even not announce at the scoping study stage until they have actually committed to aMES or iBC D2B.

    They will announce when the time is right and we have agreements in place to help these clients.

    As for the commissioning of the pilot plant, I don't think we are going to get a specific announcement to say that it has been commissioned. The process of commissioning as you may already know is the actual treatment of certain brines, the test the set up to achieve a desired outcome like, clean water, recovery of previous and base metals, recovery of re-agents etc. They started with the KLPP feedstock, then they will work through each of the other company's feedstocks, the results of which will go back to those clients in the form of Proposals, two of which we know have gone back to clients for consideration and a third one was going to be done and issued by Christmas.

    As for Worley, you will probably wont see a joint statement, their MD is very sensitive about announcing joint with others, credibility thing, I don't know. Maybe when we nail a $100m savings project with a Global Miner in the ESG space, they'll want to announce that to the world.

    I didnt pick up on the Lithium salts, but I know they are talking to global lithium miners and producers because most come from brines, not all of course.

    This is a slow burn and if someone wants gratification from constant announcements, they won't get it from PWN, but if someone wants to chance to make 10+ bagger over the next few years, then I personally believe PWN is the place to be. I get frustrated with the lack of news flow too and I would dearly love to see this above 2 cents for my ego and my spreadsheet but I keep going back to the thought, "where else would you park your money now given the potential this has to 10+ bag over the next few years". I have very few stocks where I think this might happen, no guarantees in life but I keep coming back to PWN.

    I'm happy to hang onto my shares, I know my brother invested $20k 10-15 years ago in a minnow industrial company at 6 cents to see them paying a dividend and a stock price about $2.50. It happens, but only if you're prepared to stick with it and not be distracted by all the noise, the HC banter, you're own inner voice and who knows what else is a distraction.

    That's my opinion, I look forward to catching up with Bahay after the AGM, be it before Christmas or after, not sure yet, haven't scheduled it yet.

    I think we could still be surprised by a client announcement or a revenue generating acquisition. Just because the stock exchange is going to get quiet, doesn't mean deal makers are too.

    DYOR, this is not advice, just my opinion.

    Mr M.
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