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genatic aberrations called donkeydogs

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    Hey Donkeydog,

    I don't know you from a 'bag o donkey sheet'.

    What I do know, being an owner of pure breeds, is that your a F'n anomaly. I'm not sure how your donkey mother/father bred with your dog of a mother/father, however, what I do know is you must be some aberration of nature.

    In future, research your comments, I don't RAMP anything. I don't need to, I'm rich, have a house in an area you'll never be able to afford, have a beautiful partner, a great car, great mates and wonderful children.

    What you'll never know is how much my 'mates/associates' think of me and the millions they have made from my suggestions.

    So in future, if you post about ME get your Fn facts right.

    Oh, and if you think I'm pissd off . .. NAH.

    You are like most on HC today, a nobody with nothing better to do than bag someone you know nothing about. So enjoy your weekend and pray that genetic engineering will save you from whatever breeding aberration led you to be abandoned by your parents and the inherent hatred that leads to your pathetic uneducated comments.

    In short - get a life!

    Now back to my oysters, euro beer and a lovely WA sunset.

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