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    Test Book 2
    Well hope at least some find these of interest,and hope they keep you happy for a few
    days,,, Sometimes wonder in the HC late night crew visit this little "test back swamp"
    Oblomov by Ivan Goncharov

    PS,,, what got ones attention years ago,
    was saw this,its old NBD years ago

    by Ivan Goncharov

    Oblomov by Ivan Goncharov | Full Version | AudioBooks Classic
    Sorry to Russian speakers,,,for the terrible Yank syntax
    Run Time 9.02 hours

    And to those not familiar,,,
    put your cursor at the point of the dialogue when you pause,
    and note the time,,for a quick restart..

    Got to go now,,have to go next door for some snags,,and foot time,

    Takes about 40min. (RooOclock)  to go next door not the book,,

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