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    Test Book 1
    New Fred.

    This is a post to a post in
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    Now read this as a very young fledgling

    Read it again,as teen,

    Read it later on in life,,

    And read if before started trading,,,

    then did FUBARS up the yazoo,,,
    thinking was king of the hill,,,

    Tossed it aside,

    Looked at it agin,and this time
    took the tips and
    used the No Nos...

    As this is rock bottom stuff, in object lessons of..
    very basic life.

    Had he loved the ugly and kept her,,
    perhaps it would have a tad different,,,

    As in life on this current rock,
    all that is beautiful get wrinkles,.
    And even if ugly on the outside,
    the inside is a diamond,
    No matter the outside,
    the inside a diamond will it remain.

    A tale of life,,, and wealth and hardship, and ambition,,,and
    Oh just boring stuff,,,,,
    Listen if you want,
    and if any like....

    Sheesh at least one lil thumbs up would be kind of nice.

    The Good Earth by Pearl S Buck  11hours 54min 31sec
    listen if you want and not the time you paused it...

    Now without further addooooooo,,
    remember to note the pause times so ya can come back
    Oh and there is about 30 odd secs of pre amble...
    Oh well hope you if, not enjoy,,,at leat listen for more than a tad.

    Log GNBDB
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