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    Gel has consolidated very well. It is still trading in its deferred state at just over 30c ie has held up extremely well. Just research it a few minutes ago and noticed an announcement which probably many people did not see. Geo2 which will be soon renamed Resonance has just recent patent confirmation of its technology Ferriscan in the US, with US being one of its biggest market. Ferriscan measures iron in liver and is non obtrusive compared to other means of measurement. From my reading there seems to be a huge global market.

    I was interested to see how it consolidated when it stopped trading at about 3c. It has not dropped which is a good sign and now the new shares they are just over 50million so it can from this point move up significantly. There will also be oppies to be issued almost for free on a basis of 2 for 3 exercised at only 15c, so the oppies based on todays price should be at least 20c since it is long dated, I think 2007. the entitlement will be early November.

    So I feel one the shares are traded more people will be aware and jump in especially for the oppies. The technology is either has been tested to work or undergoing testing at the moment and looks positive. I think the news has been missed today and over the next few days there should be a spike especially that patents are also being seeked for anumber of other places. The shares and oppies (only 0.1c per oppie to pay, so almost free) together are good value and worth taking a chance on. Just imagine if the shares spike to 50c which I think is not impossible judging from the technology and global use, then oppies should be at least 40c.

    Research yourself and see if you agree.

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