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    Geo2 showed a bit more life today and consolidating at the 3.5c level. Last week it went through the 4c level. I think it has potential to have another run perhaps to 5c. Having look at the technology, it looks good and seems to have a global application.

    The Board is going to be replaced by a number of prominent players including Dr Michael Woodbridge which can only be good to improve profile. Tech of iron testing in liver seems to have been tested and working so good potential.

    Some people may be fearful of the consolidation which will happen in a months time but I had a look at the details and they look ok. There will be 1 for 10 consolidation but there will be a 2 for 3 long dated options given at a almost insignificant cost, I think exercise is about 15c (maybe 10c), so these options should be in the money and very good. So even on consolidation if it does drop the options will make up for it. The options will have a number of years to run. And if the options are exercised, one will get another free options- at 40c I think and a longer date- interesting structure but all working in advantage of investors.

    So I can see the shares perhaps improving price to 5c rather than dropping come closer to consolidation. So in all:

    - consolidation mechanism looks good with oppies that are well priced
    - good technology which can replace current techniques with global application
    - prominent board with influence

    So I think green alert to 5c or 50c on consoladation is fair call.

    Research yourself and see if you agree.

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