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geithner appointment

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    reading the street jim cramers comments regarding reintroduction of the uptick rule,and a ban on group bear raids,in short, more regulatory oversight to restore confidence
    in our financial system,cramer also suggested the end of day
    up moves were generally etfs bending the market,the violent down swings are redemptions filed, being claimed through stock
    which is still the most liquid form of capital available,i am guessing,redemtions would previously have been recovered through payments as in cashflow,which due to current circumstances is not possible.

    now on to tim geithner,a little research suggests this guy is in favour of regulatory reform,naturally no one is saying exactly what reform,but it is possible the forthcoming appointment is held positively.

    these are just n.s. thoughts,is it possible exchange regulatory change is being held back to ensure the routing of aggressive funds from markets,a purge so to speak,on the asx ,traders have dropped off ,i believe,superfunds will currently be experiencing grief as people move to cash,myself for super i am considering moving over to a more aggressive position shortly,so are the end of day runs etfs or are they sentiment changes.

    one thing for certain more volatility is ahead and it is more likely to become more dramatic in swings,so what important levels will breach creating tremendous psychological impact,the perfect storm coming to you.

    any thoughts
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