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Gee ! can't say i'm not nervous!

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    i have being watching this stock for a while now.. all we can say is that we will take as read the information given to us from directors are correct, that financials are correct, ASC is improving every day its cashflow position, just look from quarter to quarter reports, however, even more so given the takeover of Today's Success.

    But here's an obvious question, overtime, increasingly I an suspect of their projections, criminally, there is litte grounds currently according to Australian law to do much about projections that fall short when compared to actuals, so its in their interest to talk up the potential cash cowness of this latest takeover.

    Does anyone know much about Today's Success, do we have documentated evidence of subscription takeups, unfortunately, there is little information that we as part owners are entitled to share (kinda ironic the state of disclosure statements)...

    Anyway, your comments appreciated.. anyone with some indepth knowledge should contribute. I am considering an exit also :) .. Reason is lately, I had written to Malcolm Day where I enquired whether there would be a need to revise downwards the projections, and that given scenario in world markets, terrorism factor, confidence, sentiment in US growth rates, corporate governance and lack of teeth by regulators ... the investor community is in no mood to find companies that exaggerate their numbers.

    Mr. Day this time declined to return my email (which might i add, he has always returned my email in the past.. i have written to him 5 times).

    Take it as an omen of things to come or whichever way you like to think.......

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Currently unlisted public company.

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