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Good to see some level headed dialogue.There remains in my...

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    Good to see some level headed dialogue.
    There remains in my opinion some chance that NMS may end up in administration but it is probably only a slim chance (the NAB will however, have a tipping point - hopefully it will never be reached). Most likely a CR will occurr - hopefully at 10 - 12 cents as per auto's post accompanied by some asset divestment.
    Hopefully as the chairman said at the AGM trading has stabilised back to a more normal state.
    If they get through this my shares will be in the bottom draw. Most likely NMS will go the opposite way and be very conservative for some time - at least until the wounds heal.
    The O & G industry is massive and when it gets going full throttle again NMS will be dragged along by the industries momentum. We may then see some organic growth.
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