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    re: gcn m-vision tv searay. WiFi presents substantial ECONOMIC ADVANTAGES to both the consumer/m-Vision subscribers and to GCN.WiFi download cost can be up to several hundred times cheaper than GPRS or 3G for the average consumers.In some countries,WiFi is also much faster,theoretical speed at 11mb per second,is nearly 200 times faster than your dialup connection at home,but certainly nearly 275 times faster than GPRS,you can download a lot of m-Vision content even in a few minutes.Currently 1mbof dataover GPRS can cost you$10.On WiFi ,this can be achieved in 1 or 2 minutes.Even if you pay the current WiFi rate of $12 per hour,that will equate to 20c per minute,but at the Xone,no cost for m-Vision subscribers.
    Consumers will naturally be keen to download on GPRS if WiFi is available at such an inexpensive rate.GCN,IMHO have shown great skill in their early embrace of WiFi for m-Vision from early this year,as they see vast growth potential in the synergies of WiFi in the ever developing handheld device market.
    Hope this helps. SEARAY
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