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gcn boom or bust

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    I have been quiet on this stock for a while.
    The reason?? I had a buy order in and wanted it hit, it finally did.

    Look I am in this to make money and am as selfish as the next bloke. And I didn't want to say too much until I got my lot.
    Say what you want but at least I am honest about it.

    Now will GCN make it, of course I think so because I just bought some.
    Of course a couple of consistant GCN knockers will say I will blow my money.
    Maybe I will maybe I wont.
    But many of you will know I was talking about SSI when they went from $2 to $6 and made plent of money.

    Now GCN only has to climb 10 cents to get the same return.
    There have been a few people explaining what business they are into, so I don't.

    I just watched the business program on SBS and the person they spoke to said investors are looking for the next big thing.

    If anybody here can say they have not seen or heard reports on T.V. about the WiFi potential they must be Rip Van Winkle.

    WiFi will be big, there is no doubt, manufactures will make sure of it.
    Why, because who does not have a computer or a mobile phone.
    They are saturated, so how do they make money, invent something better to make the present ones obsolete.
    Enough of that for now.
    But can GCN make money from this, I believe so and of course I, as a fairly large shareholder in SSI and now GCN, do talk often to the company.
    I don't get told anything I shouldn't but I am allowed to know and ask nicely I do.
    Below is something which will may explain a few things.

    Some will say the stock is trading at 5 cents and is no good because of it, some will see a potential as it can go down 5 cents, how far can it go up???

    Right now the mobile phone industry all over the world is very concerned with Hutchison 3G's video strategy. Carriers other than 3G may not say it, but they are very paranoid about 3G. That is why you see all these video phones coming out, with all carriers trying to provide some form of video service even though their videos are terrible. This is called diversion or spoiling strategy. I know it as I have seen the crappy videos on the Nokia 3650 and Sony Ericsson p800 provoided by Optus. This presents many opportunities to GCN. GCN is able to deliver a TV quality video service via m-Vision to the mobile phone industry at low cost to the subscriber, regardless of network speed, from GPRS to 3G. For mobile carriers other than Hutchison 3G, they can use m-Vision as a spoiling tactic to destroy Hutchison's video strategy. If you can get TV quality video through non-3G network, such as GPRS, onto your mobile phone, why the hell do you bother with 3G. For Hutchison, they can see m-Vision as a threat as mentioned before, or they can also see that as an absolute opportunity to lock up GCN and then use m-Vision to strengthen their video strategy over 3G. Pocket PC and Smartphone developed by Microsoft which m-Vision is compatible with, are coming to the 3G network soon. Check this news out:
    http://www.pdastreet.com/articles/2003/6/2003-6-19-Ericsson-To-Supply.html . So if you are Hutchison and you are controlled by the richest man in Asia Mr Li Ka Shing sho is several time richer than Packer, and you have put your house on 3G, and your son just happened to be the other Richard Li, you would want to speak soon to Australia's Richard Li of GCN, won't you, as to how you should work together and own GCN. There are many rumours in the market that 3G isn't working, but when you are the richest man in Asia, you can afford to buy all the exciting and relevant applications in the world that will make it work. I understand GCN is the only company in the world that has a patented wireless technology that can deliver video to the handheld device and have it displayed in TV quality, regardless of what network speed you are talking about. That is what makes GCN so valuable in the mobile phone world today. Timing is everything. This time, GCN's timing must be perfect.

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