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gcn and microsoft conference today

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    GCN was at the Microsoft Mobile development conference held in Melbourne today.

    GCN's m-Vision was placed at the very top of the Microsoft development partnership list.
    GCN's logo was prominantly displayed.
    Every one there could see how highly GCN was regarded by Microsoft.

    Peter Davidson, Head of Digital Media of Microsoft says, m-Vision is a compelling application!! This conference is for Microsoft to promote its
    development partners to the world.

    So knock that, some will say, yes but Microsoft want money from GCN, which is rubbish, because as the knockers say, GCN have no money so why would the biggest company in the world be after chicked feed from GCN anyway.

    Obviously they are after something else, maybe the best technology of it's kind in the whole world???

    Speaking of chicken feed, I just bought 4 tonnes of wheat for the chooks.
    And it was not cheap.

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