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gcn and credibility

  1. 652 Posts.
    What is with stupid comments and
    snide innuendoes. What are you really on about Alpha !
    As far as I can tell most of the posters in the pro GCN camp
    have all declared that they hold or are buying.
    I bought more Myself yesterday.
    Goconnect itself has been very transparent in its intent and aspirations and Its strategy.
    As someone only interested in charts .
    You are entitled to be completely ignorant of these.
    So why not comment on the chart.
    I challenge you to post some and give your commentary.
    That way you would be operating in your area of claimed expertise.
    But You look sillier and sillier to Me and I feel nothing could give the GCN enthusiasts as much credibility as you do.
    So suit yourself.
    I think GCN has delivered a great deal and I hope for more to come.
    What ever the revenue that builds from here. Look at the cost base that it is launching from.
    Oh Not you Alpha , You only have eyes on the chart.
    So your excused.

    As for you jfc , Your comment about RealNetworks is very useful. As was your posting of the low GCN cost base.
    Something constructive you could do . Is Give us some details on Real.

    MktCap and earnings . Its Mobile strategy. From The GCN announcement this would be a good starting point.

    ". As a push
    technology, GoTrek enables mobile carriers to optimize the utilization of their
    network capacity over the 24 hours, providing far superior economies and
    efficiency to a mobile network compared to the current on-demand system of
    retrieving video or other content onto the mobile device. For content providers,
    again unlike the current system of on demand video, pulled and downloaded onto
    the handset by the subscriber, the m-Vision service is supported by a
    sophisticated content management system to ensure that GCN, rather than the
    subscriber, retains the ultimate control over the content delivered."


    "there is at present not any other established media
    service like m -Vision that will provide the variety and the TV quality image of
    videos like m -Vision for the hand held device, regardless of their
    Internet connection speed."

    And I would assume they Know about Real.

    Real is a competitor to Microsoft. GCN is a partner.

    I know where My money is invested.
    And yes I am looking forward to next week with
    GCN has a large partner now.
    There was a good question about Marketing.
    Well now mm02 will be doing the marketing.
    Who else ? time will tell !!
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