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gayleoalistooges latest 3 way scam

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    We must be close ladies and gentlemen, if you take the latest downramping scam as anything to go by...

    If you have posted your email address on the boards at some imperfect-stage, you will receive an email from Dr Ali CFO of Amsas consorting, addressed to ''Dear Hot copper reader'' and outlining that the Punty PM will be ousted in 9 months time, and that range's agreement will be rescinded..

    Not bad considering Yey has signed off on everything that is required,,,,, and that has international legal ramifications

    Also not bad from a gentleman that has a price on his head all over the horn..

    This further suggests that the boiler room is a 3 way street

    cheers chookies....boil away...take the baby candy and run
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