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    Sacked / Dismissal - Having Political Opinion

    The Federal Election was held on May 18 2019. Late Friday evening 17th May, my employer sent me a letter which I only received on the Saturday morning of the Election - Show Cause Notice why I should not be terminated. They viewed that 'having a political view/opinion it would cause damage to their reputation or conflict with the business'.

    I stood as a Candidate of a Political Party - Pauline Hanson's One Nation, knowing that 'every Australian worker' under the Fair Work Act, Section 351 has a General Protection of being allowed to have a political opinion without fear/favour of termination or adverse actions.

    My employer had other opinions. Without ANY warning, knowing I even ran the NSW State Election Feb/March, and knew that I was standing for the Federal Election had no discussions with me to pre-warn of any concerns they may have.

    It appears that being the Name as a Candidate, and standing for the Party's Policies, I am now the victim of their belief.

    Taking this matter on is through the Federal Court - and it is NOT cheap. I had immediately engaged a Legal Team, and up to date, we have been fighting this. I am continuing the battle - not just for my job, but for ALL Australian's Rights - that you ARE allowed to have a Political Opinion and be able to work without fear of being terminated.

    I NEED your help. I need to raise much urgent funds to pay for my Legal Team to take on my Employer in the Federal Court. I have limited funds but I need help.

    I am a very proud person and I don't like doing this - but I need help. I will be ever so grateful for your help. This is just not my battle but EVERY worker in Australia who may aspire to become a Politician, run as a Candidate in ANY Political Party - without ANY fear of being sacked.

    Many thanks in Advance. I need the funds before June 18 or there abouts 2019.

    Gaye Cameron
    Candidate for Pauline Hanson's One Nation
    Seat of Cook (Federal)
    Seat of Miranda (NSW State)
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