gay marriage

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    marriage the concept has foundations so core
    if you don’t change the meanings
    you can’t change the law
    a wife is a woman
    a husband a male
    or husband and wife definitions will fail

    some words sure have meanings and outcomes depend
    on circumstance judgements promoters may rend
    I know there is evelyn george sir or maam
    and sandy and randy and billy and sam
    and it may seem to you
    a division unclear
    but despite your erosion the line is still here

    discrimination! you cry violation!
    second class citizens fighting for rights!
    but we who deny such a gross alteration
    don’t actually care what you do with your nights

    why should we suffer the duty you cry!
    if a partner joint owner should happen to die
    promulgants pressing the general impression
    that tennants in common can't deal with succession

    I submit the corruption is not what you say
    and your arguments fail when retorted that way
    it is language !
    and meaning !
    you would whittle away
    as you did with a queer and a camp and a gay
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