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    It’s quite clear you have a problem with myself and Yak.

    I make no attempt to speak on his behalf although he may agree with part or all, or none of what I am about to write.

    I think you have a social disorder, an inferiority complex and because of this you have developed an inability to communicate without this compulsive urge to belt someone if you can’t see eye to eye with them.

    On top of this it would appear you have always harbored a particular dislike for Jews and anything pertaining to them. In your eyes, they have absolutely no redeeming qualities.

    Our posts have simply brought to the surface your inability to cope in a “cut and thrust debate, or discussion whether it is intended in good fun, satire or even for real.

    I doubt if you are even able to distinguish when someone is having you on. I have never in my life witnessed anyone who takes the line hook, line and sinker. (No offence to the fish on Rex Hunt’s TV show)

    You take things so personally yet you have no qualms about being personal to others.

    On countless occasions I have seen you post “below the belt posts” using gutter language, being offensive in the way you try to deliver your message, irrespective as to whether or not your message has relevance.

    When things don’t go your way, you tend to become abusive, defensive and then the ultimate……..”let’s go outside” nonsense.

    As to our particular issues, I make a point of posting pro Israeli posts, which I believe have been written without “hate and malice” by the authors and in fact the authors are respectable and acknowledged people in their field of expertise.

    You (and a few others) simply come out with inane comments, like Nazis, Hitler left unfinished business, comments that clearly show you do not have the capacity to argue or at least put forward someone else’s argument, in a logical and clear manner.

    Are my posts automatically dismissed because they are posted by me?

    One may argue that some of my posts are illogical, biased, only look through Jewish lenses, but are they all like that? You mean to say that there is absolutely no merit in any post that I might make, and simply because I made it?

    That’s the way you come across.

    I read all the Arabic papers and the Palestinian papers as well as the Israeli ones.

    The contrast between them is stark, to say the least.

    The Arabic papers are dripping with hate, spelling out clearly, (that is if you are familiar with their psyche which obviously you are not) what their real intentions are and what would happen to the Jews if they (the Arabs) were god forbid, successful.

    I have no intention of trying to impress you, or convert your way of thinking.

    It is simply not possible.

    As I said, you harbor this great unexplainable racial hatred towards Jews to the extent that you are capable of spitting out the racial filth that you. What I say would never get me into strife in public. You would on the other hand, have massive problems.

    You will argue that I do the same re the Arabs.

    That is a furphy and anyone with half a brain knows it.

    I have an immense problem particularly with militant Islam and Islamists in general. I don’t fret too much about Muslims as distinct from Islamists, but I am wary of them as well. Life’s experience has taught me that.

    I have no intention of getting down to argue the rights and wrongs of what’s going on over there. (I did try yesterday to take some simple poll, but you had to disrupt that as well. Heaven forbid that more people think the Israelis are more reasonable to deal with, what? That would make you look a little sick, wouldn’t it?)

    I can do that with someone who does not have a mental block and can agree to disagree.

    With you that is simply not possible.

    There is an inherent aggression in your nature which makes you a confrontationalist, and immediately you take on a combatetive adversarial position as if someone had just murdered or raped a member of your family.

    That means it is simply a waste of time.

    By the way, you’re not the only one here with distinct anti Semitic attitudes. Some of the others disguise it better than you or pretend to take an affront when labeled as such.

    Sofa today for example posted “Arbet macht frei”. The connotation there was not lost on anybody with an spark of decency within their bodies.

    But you are the only one who goes that one step further, ………I want to belt you up etc etc……And over what? You being called by your given name!

    And you claim that’s normal? You have no problem calling anyone what ever tickles your fancy, but the moment it boomerangs……out comes…….”Mr Tough Guy, I want to belt you” Gaweb. …………….Split personality perhaps?

    I think you are a psychopath and if you have any real friends in the real world, not here in make believe land, they would be telling you to get professional help.

    I won’t put you on ignore because you don’t piss me off. As I said ages ago……….. water off a ducks back.

    But if you can’t develop the same attititude then maybe you should put whoever is pissing you off, on IGNORE.

    Meanwhile, unless I am booted off by Hotcopper I will continue to post relevant articles which I believe helps balance the slanted and biased media articles that regularly appear both here and overseas.

    And if we Jews did own the press as you and your ilk have claimed in the past, there would be no need for me to do that, would there?

    Bottom line, either post quality articles refuting mine, or demolish my posts based on the content.

    But if you think I am ever going to change my style because you can’t handle it………

    No way, Jose…………………..….

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