gatto:tirade v solicitors:service costs

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    New trend in financial world.

    Lost monies in ASX Limited while investing in listed companies!!!!!!

    Service costs!!!! for lost per $100,000.oo

    Solicitors and Courts: Costs:
    $25000.oo+lots more. and no guarantee of recovery

    Gatto and Tirades: Costs:

    Suppose Commsec Broker:
    1-Threat to Commsec Manager= 1/2%
    2-Broken one leg of Commsec Manager=1%
    3-Broken two legs of Commsec Manager=one and a half pc
    4-Cut off neck of Commsec Manager and throw in pecific ocean=15%


    In case of ASX Limited:

    No 1,2,3, same charges as above

    No. 4= cut off head of ASX CEO and throw in Indian Ocean=20%

    In Gatto and Tirades results!!!! Full recovery of lost money. Guaranteed.
    Gatto and Tirade deal is still cheap than Solicitors.

    New trend in capitalist world.!!!!!!!!
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