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    4p ET Thursday, December 12, 2002

    Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

    Gold climbed a big stair to $331 or so at noon in New
    York today and then flatlined for the afternoon, as if
    the price-setting powers had dug a new trench in
    their retreat. Those who disbelieve manipulation of
    the gold price should take a look at today's chart
    and explain the calm equilibrium that developed as
    suddenly as if someone had thrown a switch.

    Well, GATA is not going away. We'll keep pounding on
    this stuff. But let's enjoy, as the first of many,
    this little rout of the bad guys, which came about
    exactly as our friend Jim Sinclair, CEO of Tan Range
    Exploration, said it would, at exactly the price he
    specified. Maybe the great Kipling poem below is the
    one to celebrate with.

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