Our genius leaders that we insist on voting for.There's even...

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    Our genius leaders that we insist on voting for.
    There's even threads on this site that extol the virtues in support of these clowns.....unbelievable. My view is that they should be brought before the courts as traitors.
    We're 3rd in the world for fossil fuel exports (for better or worse- that's another subject) and we have pensioners and underprivileged freezing in winter because they can't/won't afford energy.
    Bluescope CEO publicly stating the farce of power prices in Australia and spending $1B in the US upgrading their steel mill due to favourable power costs there.
    Massive exports of iron ore, coal etc etc and these buffoons still can't balance the books. Inferior, top heavy health service doing everything it can to keep you out of their hospitals because you cost too much. Aged care workers struggling to make a good wage, our kids having their weekend penalty rates usurped from under them while pollies accepting regular pay rises - where's the productivity commission when you need them ?? In fact what is it that the productivity commission actually do ?? Well i'm not sure but their salary would be damn attractive I assume. Come in spinner.
    NSW just appointed a building commissioner ??? Salary circa $450k but guess what !!! the position actually doesn't have the teeth to enforce anything.
    Amazing any of them get a single vote.
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