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gas prices

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    The latest (weekly) figures are out- HH weekly average at $9.21 and the 12-month HH strip (the average of all the futures contracts for the 12 months 3/08 to 2/09) was at $9.47,a 26c premium to the HH average spot price over the week. The latter price is the one to use if you want to guess where prices are headed. Gas in storage is down from 1770 TCF to 1619 and EIEs extrapolation of 1619 to arrive at an expected 31.3.08 figure produces a figure of 1335 at 31.3. Just as a teaser (an annoying teaser if Marions production isnt too flash and with the knowledge that Rex is some way off penetrating the N.E. market/s anyway) the N.E. prices averaged $13.16 in their current cold snap with a high that was,not surprisingly,quite some way above that.
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