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gas inference in goc presentation, page-2

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    avoca ... and kahuna

    Nice post by Kahuna!! He's spot on as usual. I posted a long comment on the gas and LNG potential on HC some time ago (a week or two) along the same lines. My memory though is that HDR have been saying 2.0 tcf for Banda for quite a while. They have had a graph of reserve estimates for a year or two in the AGM report and elsewhere with Banda at 2.0 tcf and much bigger than Chinguetti (HDR's share) on a boe basis (around 80mboe to Chinguettis 23mbbl). So this isn't exactly news. That's why I believe a gas development is VERY MUCH on the cards with two gas specialists WPL and BG involved. The Banda gas appraisal this year confirms that I reckon!

    I'll try and dig up the post and put it up again..

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