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gas at intial level of primary target interval

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    To all investors and traders alike,
    firstly a happy new year to all. It is good to be back and to stumble right into such a positive announcement as this.

    In relation to this announcement, i am of the opinion that many here might not understand the significant nature of this announcement (in this case, i would rather attribute this to an understandable lack of oil and gas know-how).

    The announcement clearly indicates that - without question - there is gas in the well. The fact that the operators are starting to slow down the drilling process and casing the hole at intermediate levels would clearly show that they have hit pay zones. To add to this, they have also indicated that they have hit hydrocarbons at upper levels and have conducted loggings to recalculate possible payoffs. Now, the key question left to trigger an upsurge and valuation in this stock will be the flow rates. This will only come about - as many knowledgeable posters have stated - with logging operations.

    For your information, the huge push indicators in most oil and gas plays will almost always come from the indication of oil and gas shows (which have already happened). However, we have not seen a huge swing as the current economic climate is weighing down on most investors and investment companies alike.

    As of this moment, they have approximately 800++ feet left to drill and i would hazard a guess that they are also readying logging operations. In the next day or two, we should know of the commercial nature of the well (and to most investors who are not in this play - a possible lost opportunity cost). Gas prices have also started to swing up (from 3.12 to 5.84 in the last 8 months) and will trend to $6 - $7 as forecasted (i.e. Henry Hub futures) by the main MLP players in the region. If the gas is commercial (with 4000 to 6000 units being already observed - "this is very significant by the way")...this should be an interesting play.

    I would like to wish everyone luck on this play but after observing the operators and announcements in relations to this, i would deem it unnecessary.

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