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    Exactly Frank,

    How do you make it work in the trading environment?

    Truth is, that stuff by Bayer, Sepharial, Ferrera
    and others tries to take established principles from
    personal and psychological astrology and apply it
    directly to the markets.

    Fortunately, that approach is now dead and new and
    easier methods have evolved that still use the cosmic
    clock to assist with our market timing, but are much
    easier to understand and APPLY in a PRACTICAL
    trading plan.

    As explained in your post, one great disadvantage of
    applying traditional progressed astrocharting methods
    is the risk of miscounting the days from the first
    trade date or "birth" ... an error of just one day, means
    evaluating the market a full 12 months in error ...!~!

    That may be OK for astrologers, but its hardly a
    practical means of evaluation for traders.

    hot trades


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