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Gann Nut Cases!!!

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    For all you Gann butters out there, here is something for you to read and a link below to get your brains working. Only God's knows how you would use this stuff to trade.



    Turning Four Hundred Years of Astrology to practical Use and Other Matters by George
    Bayer, he states that the “Market Light” went out for three months from July 31st to December 12th of the year
    1914. This was the year that the stock markets closed because of World War I. George Bayer claimed that the
    cause of this Lights Out phenomenon was due to the “Eclipse of the Sun” that took place on September 15th of
    1792 the same year that the New York Stock Exchange came into existence. Basically, George Bayer was trying
    to show the reader that the market closing event in 1914 was 122 years from 1792 and that the eclipse of the sun
    took place 122 days from the birth date of the New York Stock Exchange. The Bible says to use a day for a year.
    This means that each 360° revolution of the Earth on its axis is to be used as one year for the progression of a
    horoscope. Now this is where the rectification comes in and may be the reason George Bayer described this event.
    If you look at his natal horoscope for the NYSE, you find that he has different beginning times for each of the
    planets and he spends the next few pages explaining his reasons for having it this way. I am not going to deal with
    all the planets because this is only intended to be a short article on what I think Mr. Bayer wanted the reader to
    figure out on their own. In his horoscope, he has the Sun ? at 26°30’_ on 5/16/1792 at 2:19 PM. He has the
    moonàat 20°40’ ^ on 5/17/1792 at 11:59 AM.
    Now if you do the work and the progressions of the ? and àyou will find that his horoscope is off. The
    eclipse of the Sun he is referring to was exact on September 16th, 1792 at 4:13 AM at the degree of 24°08’c. If
    you calculate the Speed of the Sun and moon for the one-day period from September 15th to September 16, 1792,
    you find that the Sun moved 58’ 39” and the moon moved 12°40”. Divide both by 365 (days in a year) and you find
    that the progressed Sun moves at the rate of 9.536 seconds of arc per day and the progressed moon moves 1.974
    minutes of arc per day. If you use the natal positions of the Sun & moon that Bayer gives, you will find that the
    progressed moon would have hit the eclipse on December of 1913 and the progressed Sun would have hit it in
    December of 1914. This does not match with what he is saying! He said that the “Market Lights” went out on July
    31st, 1914 because of the eclipse. If this statement is true, then the Horoscope must be rectified. If you do the
    work, you should 1st come up with a natal date of May 16th, 1792 at 11:27 PM. This single time works much better
    for both the progressed sun and moon. For example, the Sun’s position on September 15th, 1792 at 11:27 PM is
    23°56’20”c it will hit the exact eclipse location in 11’40” (11 minutes 40 seconds) converting the whole number to
    seconds of arc, we get 666.66 seconds. Now we just divide this by the speed of the progressed Sun, which is 9.536
    seconds per day. This gives 69.91 or 70 days. Now just add 70 days to 5/16/1792 (rectified birth) and you get July
    25th, for the year 1914.The year 1914 came from taking the difference in days between September 15th, 1792 and
    May 16th, 1792, which is 122 days. 122 days added as years to 1792 gives the year 1914.

    The moon’s position on September 15th, 1792 at 11:27 PM is 21°36’35”c, which is 2°31’25” from the exact
    eclipse longitude. If you convert this all to minutes you get 120.5235 minutes. Now divide this by the speed of the
    progressed moon, which is 1.974 minutes per day and you get 61 days, which would be July 17th, 1914. The actual
    event took place on July 31st, 1914 so this means that the moon progression missed by 14 days and the Sun
    progression missed by 6 days. If you multiply the 14 days by the moon’s progressed rate of 1.9744 minutes/day,
    you get 27.6419 minutes of arc or if you prefer 27’38”. Doing the same procedure for the Sun, we get 6 x 9.536
    seconds/day = 57.216 seconds of arc or simply 57”. Both these calculations need to be subtracted from their
    respective longitudes on 9/15/1792 at 11:27 PM to determine the correct birth moment.

    Subtracting 27’38” from the moon’s position of 21°36’35”c gives 21°08’57”c. This would have occurred
    at 10:35 PM on September 15th, 1792. This means that the rectified birth of the NYSE must be Wednesday, May
    16th, 1792 at 10:35 PM. There are important secrets to be learned here. One lesson is that aspects that have
    occurred after the birth of the native have their effects take place in proportion to a day for a year.


    Daniel Ferrera

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