gann for arthur

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    Hi arthur.
    Most of my posts these days are in the options forum. You should take a look just for fun.Im working on straddle theory.

    Yes, I can help you a little bit. The blue chip trader does have gann fans. From memory, its been a while now, you would overlay 3-5 fans over a stock chart. You would drag one fan manually to fit a trendline, and the other fans would move by amounts that had a relationship to the first line. So they would all be equal angles or angles decending by a certain percentage. Thats about all BCT did with gann fans. I thought it was similar to elliot wave theory, although Im not fluent in either school. It seemed to be predicting where the next wave would take the trendline.
    BCT sells for 5,900 and they do have a good idea of demonstrating it to you over a webcast. I did most of the demos for the company. Unfortunately there is nobody in the company who can demonstrate the gann aspect of it. Only about 3 of the 30 sales people actually trade at all, and they dont use the software to do it. I wouldnt recommend you pay 5,900 for this, but if you are seriously interested in pursuing BCT further, then email me. I spoke to the programmer who wrote all this, and I dont think he understood gann or even TA. I have to be careful what I say in print on this site.

    I did need to review every major competition in software, and didnt see one using gann. I should also say that in speaking to dozens of traders per week during demos, I never had one request for gann.

    I think you are already ahead of most of us on this subject. Id recommend you search google for gann, software, trading and see what shows up. Id look for USA software. You can use international software, you know. I do. A quote file is just a quote file and they all take asx data.

    If that doesnt work, Id join the technical traders association in Sydney. They are sure to have someone who knows.
    You could also ask darryl guppy over on, hes always happy to chat. Hes a mod on the trading systems forum.

    Im not sure that I believe that gann theory is valid for you or I, but I'll leave that decision up to you.

    In regards to money management, you and forrest should both read 'the education of a speculator- by victor neiderhoffer' its the best and simplest book Ive read on the subject. I got it for free at my local library. Its a classic.
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